The foreign art master

guides, plus the powerful design team, combines the site environment analysis, grasps the theme carefully designs each artwork...

Twenty years experience of skilled workers, more than 3500 sculpture   workshop, to connect  with the design group,    let the designers will be more accurate to


Whether it is the open city square or the closed

community environment, whether it is the park or

the campus, there are our construction personnel


Outdoor sculptures need to consider the impact of installation environment

and human damage and other factors. The later

maintenance is an

effective guarantee for



    Shenzhen zhongmei yijia sculpture art co., LTD. Is a large environmental art solution provider integrating sculpture design, sculpture making, transportation and installation, construction and maintenance. Company registered capital of 9.6 million yuan, is located in known as the "Design Capital ", shenzhen city, guangdong province good business atmosphere and geared to the needs of global transport network, enables the company to provide the broad masses of customers at home and abroad urban landscape sculpture, garden landscape sculpture, real estate, outdoor art landscape, public space art, landscape and other integrated services.

  Company with excelsior attitude for the urban public space, such as specific site to tailor each sculpture landscape art: in terms of design, the company advocates the spirit of original design, is committed to continually shape high aesthetic sculpture art, through repeated over and over again fastidious and elaboration, the condensation of creative and intellectual achievements every work that is presented to the customer. The project design department of the company has a large and professional team of designers to complete the project development and achieve the design results.

The design members of the company come from the sculpture, garden landscape and environmental art design majors of famous art colleges at home and abroad. In addition, the company in respect of production also has nearly 3500 sculpture production workshop, workshop in sculpture not only has all kinds of advanced production processing equipment, have more than 20 years of experience and a group of sculptures in casting, forging, carving aspects of experts and skilled workers. The company has mature production capacity in casting process, forging process, stainless steel process, copper and aluminum process, glass reinforced plastics process, sandstone process and stone process, providing customers with more diversified options.

   The skilled workers in the production department of the company are proficient in the production and production of realistic figure sculpture, animal and plant sculpture, as well as abstract art sculpture, which makes the comprehensive strength of the sculpture design and production of Shenzhen zhongmei yijia sculpture art co., LTD's. rank in the forefront of the industry.

    Integrity to create enterprise, system achievements professional, art from the high-quality goods. I believe that on the right track of enterprise development, the more excellent art works provided by Shenzhen zhongmei yijia sculpture art co., LTD. for customers at home and abroad will be continuously presented in every corner of the world!


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